Holes in my Closet

As a Type-A planner, going into malls (or shopping in general) stresses me out.  I have to have a plan.  And, after cleaning out my closet (a la Gretchen Rubin) in December, I realized that I have a lot of missing pieces that will take my wardrobe from just functional to complete.  I got the idea for posting my list of wardrobe needs from Franish.  Her style is amazing and she’s also from the Midwest, which makes her pretty awesome.

*Leopard print flats

*Perfect fitting button down

*Printed A-line skirt – Purchased!

*Straight leg medium-wash jeans

*Black Toms

*Chunky sweater – Purchased!

*Medium-sized cross body purse

*Black (structured) blazer

*Navy (casual) blazer

*Knee-high brown boots

*Medium-wash skinny jeans – Purchased!

*Dark Khaki shorts

*Dark brown leather jacket

*Khaki Pants (Khaki, Blue, Colored)

*Perfect long-sleeved tee

*Fleece Jacket

*Navy knee-length a-line skirt


3 thoughts on “Holes in my Closet

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