Teaching requires me to be semi-creative in my outfit choices.  I can’t wear things too often because the kids notice (and trust me, they DO say something about it).  So, over time, I’ve developed and cultivated a wardrobe that allows me to have a 2-week cycle.  But, I am also super lazy in the morning and want to put forth as minimal of an effort as possible.  So not only do I need work-appropriate gear but it also needs to be cute and functional.  Basically, if they made Garanimals for adults, I would be the number one buyer.  For sure.





Honestly, this dress didn’t impress me much at first.  My friend picked it off the “Last one!” rack at Francesca’s and pulled me in the dressing room with her.  She tried it on and thought it was tight in the chest and then threw it at me.  I was hesitant because on the hanger it had flowy sleeves, an elastic waist and a very revealing back.  But now, that being said, I LOVE this dress.  It’s on the verge of work appropriate in terms of length and I absolutely have to wear a black cardigan with it, but I love how it’s cute, functional, and easy.  My perfect outfit choice. 🙂



Outfit Details:

Dress – Francescas {Similar}

Belt – {from this skirt}

Sandals – Target


It’s the pleats.

{And the humidity…Why do I even try to straighten my hair in August?!}


Awkward legs? Check!

I started my new teaching gig and 5th (!!!) year of teaching on Monday with a full day of “Welcome to the district!” where we learned about the district’s pupil services, business office how-to’s, how to not sexually harass people, and a quick PBIS overview.  For my second time going through New Teacher Induction, I can honestly say that this has been extremely informative and very much to the point.



“Gosh, I hope my neighbors don’t see this…”


We also learned in detailed points about the dress code.  And my heart shattered – no jeans.  Unless it’s a spirit day.  Which is maybe once a month and is building dependent.  This is unfortunate because I super duper depend on jeans to extend my minimal professional wardrobe from one week to the next.  And since money doesn’t grow on trees (shucks), I’ve started to become braver in my shopping choices.  Would you believe that this skirt was thrifted?  (If you said, “yes”, good for you!)


“Just take the picture, Chris!!!”

With that, I’m trying to get over my irrational fear of going into thrift/consignment stores and finding clothing that is cute & affordable.  Wish me luck. 🙂


What’s your favorite outfit combination when all you want is that comfy pair of denim?




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Splurge vs. Save: Coral Dress


1 || 2

Chris and I have two summer weddings to attend in the next month or so.  He is a groomsman in one and we are both “just” attendees to the  other.  Seeing as how coral is HUGE right now, my heart went all aflutter when I saw ModCloth’s Luck Be a Lady Dress.  I ordered it and when it arrived, I was bummed when the skirt was just a tad too wide for me although the bodice fit wonderfully.  But, for less than 25% of ModCloth’s price, I can get a similar dress (on sale) from Old Navy!  My friend Mary wore the ON dress in black to work and I was shocked when she told me where it was from.  The ON version doesn’t come with a belt, but I think that makes it just a little more versatile.  The catch is whenever I buy a dress, I HAVE to be able to wear it to work as well.  Both of these dresses fit that criteria, but the price on the Old Navy frock is too good resist.

Excuse me while I go get my credit card.


Blue Pants

aka: waaaaaay out of my comfort zone.


I teach 9th grade and I’ve only got about 12 more years of life than my students, so for the past few years, I’ve tried to keep it as basic as possible.  More recently, I’ve been more inspired to break out of my “all black all the time” mentality and really hit some trends this year.  So, I bring you “Blue Pants”…



Sweater {Target} // Shirt {Target} // Pants {Old Navy} // Chuck Taylors





This is probably the brightest color I own for non-workout clothing (#seriously), so my thought was to keep the rest of the outfit neutral so that the pants did the talking and I wouldn’t be scared to walk into school.  Only one kid remarked on the color and ONLY because they are doing a project on an element and their chosen element is Cobalt.  So there.


I bought the Old Navy Pixie Pants two weeks ago on a hope and a prayer.  I have been drooling over the idea of ankle pants but as someone who is vertically challenged, I thought it would only add to my issue.  Add huge calves to the mix and normally, it just looks silly.  But, after I tried on these babies from Old Navy, I was hooked and bought two pairs – black (duh) and blue.  I flirted (for a millisecond) with buying a cool pattern, but blue pants were a big enough jump.  They have just the right amount of stretch meaning that they fit my athletic curves (huge ass calves and runners thighs) without cutting off circulation, but also don’t sag by lunch time.  After looking at these pictures, I’m not a huge fan with how the ankle starts to flare at the end of the day, but that’s due to my calves swelling and not the pants.  Also, I slept in these pants on our way home from Milwaukee last week and they still held their shape after sleeping in weird positions for four hours.  Go team.


Also, these shoes?  I bought them when I was a junior in high school.  In 2004.  My shoes are almost as old as my students.  SMH.


Do you own brightly colored pants?  How do you style them?




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Plaid, Tan & Denim

First, a huge thank you for all the love and support I received after last week’s post.  I really appreciated all of emails, texts, calls, and face-to-face chats.  I am so lucky and blessed to have such amazing friends (digital & non-digital).  I took a break (obviously) from all things social media and worked on finding the appropriate balance and making copious lists on what makes me actually happy and not superficially happy.


On a more positive note, I’ve realized I love getting dolled up for work, but after parent-teacher conferences last night (woo, 12-hour shift!), I was so incredibly grateful that there was a fundraiser today at school.  For $5, we can wear jeans to support “Spread the Word to End the Word” (which is totally something you should support as well!).

You’re welcome for the bathroom pics, by the way.  It has way better lighting than what I have at home and full mirrors!

plaid&denimSweater {Target}|| Shirt {J.Crew Factory}|| Jeans {Old Navy}|| Mocs {Target}
Sassy lanyard not included in the stylish-ness factor.

plaid&denim2“I hope no student walks in while I’m taking this…”


Why, yes, that is the exact same shirt & jeans combo from two weeks ago.  If you throw a sweater on top, pop the collar and add some mocs, it turns into a relatively school-appropriate outfit that is also insanely comfortable.  #teacherwin

We’re learning about the groups & families of the Periodic Table and doing a lab that requires the use of bunsen burners, so wish me luck that the kids don’t burn anything down (haha, but seriously).  This is what is going to be getting me through today::