And I Run…

As a high school cross country and track athlete (oh, and swimming too), running took a back seat during my college days.  But now, running is a huge part of my life.  Below are the official results of the races I’ve done and the races I plan to do.


Womens Festival 2007 (Chicago, IL) – 31:05 (My mom kicked my butt in this race…)

St. Patrick’s Day 5K 2010 (Bloomington, IL) – 26:56

Run for the Schools 2010 (Iowa City, IA) – 28:10

St. Patrick’s Day 5K 2011 (Bloomington, IL) – 25:46

Doc Dash 2012 (Iowa City, IA) – 23:59 (PR)

Run for the Schools 2012 (Iowa City, IA) – 24:03



Run for the Schools 2011 (Iowa City, IA) – 56:02

River Run 2012 (Iowa City, IA) – 48:58

Run for the Schools 2013 (Iowa City, IA) – 48:14 – Garmin Time (PR)

Brewers 10K 2014 (Milwaukee, WI) – Registered!



Madison Half-Marathon 2012 – 1:51:44

Des Moines Half-Marathon 2012 – 1:48:45

Brewers Mini-Marathon 2013 – 1:49:19

Madison Half-Marathon (Fall) 2013 – 1:48:13 (PR)

Illinois Half-Marathon 2014 – 1:55:45

Summerfest Rock ‘n’ Sole 2014 – Registered!

Chicago Fall Half-Marathon 2014 – Registered!

Madison Half-Marathon (Fall) 2014 – Registered!



Illinois Marathon 2013 – 4:24:40


Sprint Triathlons

TriHawks 2011 – 500yard swim, 15mi bike, 5k run (Iowa City, IA) – 1:43:59

PigMan Relay 2014 – Swim (500m) Only – 12:47 (And a mention in the local paper!)


4 thoughts on “And I Run…

  1. This is great. I just started to get into running and my goal is to do all these things. I can’t wait to follow your blog and read more about your running and become even more inspired and be able to learn about running.

    • Hi! So happy you found me! That is the sweetest compliment I’ve probably ever gotten. Thanks so much for making my day! Your blog is adorable, btw.


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