30 for 30

It’s my 26th birthday today (08.24.13)!  So, in honor of being on the side of “late-20’s”, here are 30 things I hope to accomplish before my 30th birthday (08.24.17).

  1. Attend a blogging retreat
  2. Purchase domain name.
  3. Self-host!
  4. Learn how to use the manual function of my DSLR
  5. Go on “blates”
  6. Explore the Iowa City restaurant & bar scene
  7. Go to at least one Marquette basketball game every year
  8. Vist Milwaukee more often
  9. Buy a house
  10. Get a dog
  11. Start a family
  12. Continue to make my marriage stronger
  13. Find a charity I’m really passionate about & support it through donation or volunteering
  14. Run a sub-1:45 half marathon
  15. Run a sub 4:00 marathon
  16. Continue to coach cross country
  17. Obtain a track coaching position
  18. Self-publish a cookbook
  19. Embrace a flexitarian lifestyle (without the guilt of having a steak every now and then)
  20. Eliminate HFCS from our diet completely.
  21. Go lacto-ovo vegetarian for a full 30 days
  22. Lay on a beach in Hawaii
  23. Audition for a season of Masterchef
  24. Run along the Pacific Ocean
  25. Take the T in Boston
  26. Get my picture taken in Times Square
  27. Take a “girls only” vacation with my friends
  28. Embrace my inner girl
  29. Gain more confidence
  30. Enjoy everyday

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