Teaching requires me to be semi-creative in my outfit choices.  I can’t wear things too often because the kids notice (and trust me, they DO say something about it).  So, over time, I’ve developed and cultivated a wardrobe that allows me to have a 2-week cycle.  But, I am also super lazy in the morning and want to put forth as minimal of an effort as possible.  So not only do I need work-appropriate gear but it also needs to be cute and functional.  Basically, if they made Garanimals for adults, I would be the number one buyer.  For sure.





Honestly, this dress didn’t impress me much at first.  My friend picked it off the “Last one!” rack at Francesca’s and pulled me in the dressing room with her.  She tried it on and thought it was tight in the chest and then threw it at me.  I was hesitant because on the hanger it had flowy sleeves, an elastic waist and a very revealing back.  But now, that being said, I LOVE this dress.  It’s on the verge of work appropriate in terms of length and I absolutely have to wear a black cardigan with it, but I love how it’s cute, functional, and easy.  My perfect outfit choice. 🙂



Outfit Details:

Dress – Francescas {Similar}

Belt – {from this skirt}

Sandals – Target


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