High Five for Friday

TGIF y’all!  I’m thrilled that’s Friday.  Although I’m not crazy about how hot it’s (finally) gotten this week.  And don’t even get me started on the humidity.


1//On our last day date of the summer, Chris and I checked out a new donut place in the Third Ward, mostly because they had gluten free donuts.  They were the BEST donuts I’ve ever had – super moist, good flavor, and drenched in chocolate ganache.  A big pricy at $2.25/GF donut, but so, so good.

photo 1


2// I started my new job this week!  Whenever a teacher starts at a new district, they go through a week of New Teacher Initiation Induction.  Honestly, out of the two induction weeks that I’ve attended, this was by far the most informational and realistic in terms of content.  I feel extremely fortunate that we moved when we did in terms of my career.  I have four years of teaching experience and the fact that I get to use all of that knowledge AND still be in a position/age where I want to learn everything about my profession.

photo 3

So much Google, so little time.


3// Not only do I get a fresh start in terms of my professional behavior (not that I needed one before, but you know, it never hurts), I get to have a fresh wardrobe start as well!  I’ve made a major effort to shop my closet and think about what pieces I’m missing.


Hmm, I think I see a pattern?


4// Because I’ll be particularly busy this fall (teaching, new job, coaching), Chris has graciously demanded that he help more with domestic duties and such. Honestly, this is really hard for me, but when I looked at my schedule, I realized that there’s no way I wouldn’t be able to have his help.



5//Today is my first official day of cross country practice (although the season started on Monday) and I’m looking forward to getting to know the girls more and running with them.  Remember this is really the only season where I like to run with other people. 😉




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