It’s the pleats.

{And the humidity…Why do I even try to straighten my hair in August?!}


Awkward legs? Check!

I started my new teaching gig and 5th (!!!) year of teaching on Monday with a full day of “Welcome to the district!” where we learned about the district’s pupil services, business office how-to’s, how to not sexually harass people, and a quick PBIS overview.  For my second time going through New Teacher Induction, I can honestly say that this has been extremely informative and very much to the point.



“Gosh, I hope my neighbors don’t see this…”


We also learned in detailed points about the dress code.  And my heart shattered – no jeans.  Unless it’s a spirit day.  Which is maybe once a month and is building dependent.  This is unfortunate because I super duper depend on jeans to extend my minimal professional wardrobe from one week to the next.  And since money doesn’t grow on trees (shucks), I’ve started to become braver in my shopping choices.  Would you believe that this skirt was thrifted?  (If you said, “yes”, good for you!)


“Just take the picture, Chris!!!”

With that, I’m trying to get over my irrational fear of going into thrift/consignment stores and finding clothing that is cute & affordable.  Wish me luck. 🙂


What’s your favorite outfit combination when all you want is that comfy pair of denim?




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5 thoughts on “It’s the pleats.

  1. Some of the most stylish people shop thrift stores…you never know what you will find…my favorite
    find was a black velvet top (BCBG)…for $1.50…I wear it every holiday season!

  2. Haha “how not to sexually harass people” made me laugh! I have to take a ridiculous online course for work every year about how not to touch your co-workers thighs and stuff like that.

    Bummer on the no jeans thing! I love wearing jeans to work on Friday and I would be sad too! But that skirt is awesome – I can’t believe it was thrifted. You have a good eye!

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