Moving to MKE: We made it!

Well, holy shit.  We made it.


We started out with this…


Packing your kitchen is the WORST.  The cabinets hide so much stuff and there’s just so.much.stuff.  For one of the smallest rooms in the house, it definitely had the most boxes dedicated to it.



Packing a moving truck definitely takes some skill.  We sold a lot of our belongings before we moved, which helped a lot.  And while it was probably the worst Tetris game ever, we were able to fit everything in a 12 foot truck and our 2-door Honda Civic.


But it wouldn’t be a major life event for us without a crisis.


We were halfway to Milwaukee when Chris pulled off the highway at a random exit.  “Hmm,” I thought, “this can’t be good.”  It turns out the check engine light was on.  After assuming it was the fuel cap, we called the company of the truck (it rhymes with Smudge-it) and they were like, “If you haven’t lost power, keep going!”


OK, whatever you say Smudge-it Truck Company.


So, we kept on trucking (no pun intended) and we’re navigating through the highways surrounding the city.  I speed ahead of Chris as it’s my job to lead us from the highway to the apartment.  After taking a wrong turn (shut up, directions are not my strong point), we’re waiting at a stop light and I see Chris flip on his left-hand turn signal behind me.  “What the hell?” I thought.  I turn left into a Toys ‘R’ Us parking lot and see that he’s not moving.  This falls under “Not Good”.


I park the Civic and run into traffic to see what’s going on.  The truck had lost power and it was not planning on moving anytime soon.  We are seriously screwed.  We’re 5 miles away from the apartment, all of our stuff is in the truck and the truck is out of commission.


Needless to say, Chris was NOT happy.  I called our friends to let them know they were off the hook for helping us unpack and we were met with a lot of “OMG” and “Are you SERIOUS?!”  No, I’m totes lying to you {sarcasm}.  On the bright side, we have awesome friends because they ended up helping us unpack anyways.  Even those who couldn’t make it were super supportive and offered to help us organize (sorry I never called you back, Ang!).


Long story short, we called Smudge-It AGAIN and they sent someone out.  The guy from the maintenance place was like, “Oh, it must be the fuel pump.”  Well, that’s super, how are we supposed to move all of our belongings?  Chris and the Guy limped to the apartment as less than an idle.  But, we (and our stuff) made it to the apartment in one piece.


At least we have a good story now?


What are your moving horror stories?







5 thoughts on “Moving to MKE: We made it!

  1. Ugh moving is the worst! I just moved from Philly to Alaska and during the 8 day drive up here we crashed our jeep and U-Haul trailer into a snow filled ditch during a snow storm…in April…on a part of the Alaska Highway in British Colombia that has no cell service. That was one of the worst moments of my life. Luckily the car and trailer survived and we made it to Alaska with all of our stuff!

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