Runners Tell-All: Bad Photo Edition

First, holy shit.  How have I not posted since May 5th?



I really heart Amanda & Beka and their monthly link-up is the shiz, but this month’s running topic is all about the running pic.  Oh girls…so much ugly is about to happen on this here blog.  You see, I’m the girl that purposely puts on mascara and tinted moisturizer (with SPF, natch) the morning of a race.  I’m semi-ashamed of being that girl, but wearing mascara makes me look less like a zombie and more like a really tired human.  Yes, I know I’m going to sweat it all off, but it’s the thought that counts, OK?


I also make a serious effort to not wear the same race clothes twice.  While this sounds super vain, I use my outfits to figure out what race it’s from, I swear. 😉


And, without further ado…the photos…


half1Madison 2012 – Finishing my first half-marathon ever!


Finishing my first (& only) marathon.  So much happiness & relief in one photo!


Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 6.46.15 PM

 Brewers Mini 2013 – It was a little hot and I was so happy to be done.


Madison 2013 – I have a tendency to look down during



Oh, the Illinois Half from this year.  It was such a cluster.  I’m pretty sure I’m walking here.

Have you ever bought any of your race photos?  Obviously, I haven’t (sorry corporate photo takers) as they’re unjustifiably expensive. Luckily for Chris and I, his mom was there at our last race and took some really great photos.  This is probably my favorite running picture of all time:


My stud husband (1444) finishing his third marathon in a sub-4 time.  He’s such a beast!

Do you get gussied up for races?


8 thoughts on “Runners Tell-All: Bad Photo Edition

  1. Oh I do the same as you–I don’t buy the pictures because they’re so expensive. But I do love seeing what they capture during our agony, lol. You have some good ones!!

  2. I think your pictures turned out just fine! It’s not every race that I put makeup on but I often do. Sometimes just a teeny bit makes me feel ‘mentally ready’. I know, it’s weird but it works! Thanks for linking up with us AND thanks for the sweet compliment about enjoying our linkup. I’m glad people like it =)

  3. I don’t put on makeup for runs because, well, I don’t put on makeup for anything these days seems like 😉 But seriously, I think you look great. Looks like you’re totally killing it, which you are of course. I love the way those tall socks look on runners’ legs, but I personally can’t run in them! I’ve tried. And yes, you need to post more, lady! 🙂

  4. Wow, you look hardcore – chiselled, serious, intent and stunning all at the same time! I suspect you are the runner towards the front of races exuding determination and inspiring those of us further back in the pack. Nothing wrong with mascara, and sun protection is so important!

  5. I don’t put on make up before a race…but the only time I put on mascara is when I’m going out. So I don’t know if that counts. Haha… BUT! I also make a conscious choice not to wear the same outfit in multiple races. The pictures have to look different!

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