That Time I Got Rescued by the MFD

Flashback to my senior year of high school::


I was a jock in high school.  I swam for three years, ran cross-country for one, and was a sprinter on the track team for all 4 years.  During the off-season of my senior year, I was on a snowboarding trip with my family and I got cocky on a black diamond route.  I hit a bump and took a hell of a tumble with my arm caught beneath me.  I thought I broke my elbow, but it turns out I ripped my rotator cuff to shreds.  On the bright side, I got to ride in the medics sled!  But, later in the track season (right before sectionals, natch), I clipped a hurdle and completely dislocated my shoulder.  As I was rolled off the track on a stretcher, my coach leaned over and says, “You were running state qualifying time.”




My freshman year of college rolled around in the fall of 2005.  Because I wanted to avoid the freshman 15, I tried out & earned a spot on the novice women’s crew team.



After crew season ended, I didn’t want to lose any of my fitness, so I decided to get back in the water after a 2-year swimming hiatus.


The first 500 yards went fine.  And then I heard a sickening pop.


My shoulder was out.


And I was in the pool.


Face down.




I turned myself over and kicked myself over to the lane line.  The lifeguard whistled at me and told me to get off the line.  When I didn’t respond, he realized that something was wrong.  He did a great job and got me out without irritating my shoulder.  But in the meantime, one of the other lifeguards had called the Milwaukee FD.


As the lifeguard floated me over to the side of the pool and put my h, I saw the flashing lights outside of the gym and then the 3-5 super strong firemen enter the pool door.  After wrestling me out of the water, they helped me put my shoulder back in and then offered me a ride in the ambulance, which I refused.


I made a mental note to get my shoulder repaired ASAP.  And by ASAP, I mean that it got fixed 9 months later.


And that’s how I was rescued by MFD.



3 thoughts on “That Time I Got Rescued by the MFD

  1. I can definitely see the embarrassing aspect of all of this, but I’m more impressed at your list of athletic achievements! I was a swimmer for 12 years, but my athletic prowess has slightly fallen by the wayside… I hope your shoulder is doing better now, and, hey, at least you got to get carted away by some fireman 🙂


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