High Five for Friday

1//  The Illinois Half-Marathon was, um, HOT.  It was the worst half I’ve ever ran.  But I seriously can’t complain because my “worst” is still sub-2:00 hours.  My splits were pretty humorous – the first 10K was at an 8:08 pace and the second 10K was at a 9:27 pace.  I’m pretty impressed with myself that I have 5 half-marathons under my belt!



2// I got the job at Marquette for this summer!  I will be teaching science in one of their summer programs.  I’m looking forward to teaching physics and reconnecting with the ol’ Alma Mater and the people that inspired me to become a science teacher!



3//  Like I mentioned yesterday, I’m going to have to start training for the Summerfest Rock ‘n’ Sole Half-Marathon that’s on June 14th.  I think I’m going to go more the route of “Run Less, Run Faster” versus trying to get in 5-6 runs per week.  That’s just not good for my body nor soul.

Rock'n'Sole Screenshot


4// Speaking of running, Chris and I registered ourselves for events in the fall.  He’s running his fourth (!!) full marathon in Madison in November while I’ll do the half-marathon.  And then in September, I’ll run the 10K and he’ll run the half-marathon at the Brewers Mini-Marathon.  We’re looking forward to finding local (and cheaper) races as time goes on!

fall race schedule


5// Only 24 more “get-up” days for school.  I’m not sure I’ll survive.  It actually helps that the weather hasn’t been nice!  If it were sunny out, I’d be struggling MUCH more than I am now.


What are some of your highlights from this week?




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3 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

  1. Nice job on the race even though it was hot! Sub 2 hours is still a fantastic time 🙂 I’m hoping to train for a sub 1:50 half at some point… we’ll see! And congrats on the job!

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