May Goals

I’m home sick today with a menagerie of ickiness (sore throat, migraine, runny nose, feverish).  So what better way to wait out the time that it takes for the Excedrin to kick in than to write!


I can’t believe it’s May 1st.  May is probably one of my favorite months because it has my parent’s wedding anniversary, the weather is finally getting actually nice, Chris’ birthday, and our wedding anniversary!  I realized this morning that this is our last full month in Iowa and I better take advantage of our time left here.


Some goals I have for this month:

  • Buy/send a gift or card for my parent’s anniversary (this will be late – sorry Mom & Dad!), Mother’s Day (x2), a bridal shower, a baby shower, Jackson’s high school graduation, Chris’ birthday and our wedding anniversary (Side note: This will be an expensive month.  Sheesh).


  • Start dining alfresco again once it gets warmer.


  • Train for the Summerfest Rock ‘n’ Sole Half Marathon.

Rock'n'Sole Screenshot


  • Continue to purge belongings in preparation for our move.


  • Purchase a new computer (see: month, expensive), transfer all of mine and Chris’ documents/music/etc. and donate our old POS laptops.


  • Survive the rest of the school year.


In good news – I got the summer job at Marquette!  I’ll talk more about that later.


What are some of your goals for this month?




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