High Five for Friday

1// I was able to see my brother perform for his senior recital last week.  We did the 4 hour drive to Chicago (and back) that night and it well worth the 8 hours in the car.



2// I had phone interview for a summer gig at the old Alma Mater.  I would be part of a teaching team for the Upward Bound program.  It would be so cool to work at Marquette during the summer!  I should hear back sometime in the next week… *fingers crossed again!*



3// We started the last unit of the semester this week.  It seems so bittersweet that my time at my first job is coming to a close.  I’m not sure how to deal with the knowledge that I’m leaving, but the kids do not.  I’m not sure if I’ll tell them at all or if I’ll tell them on the last day of school.


4//  Today, the 9th grade will be performing service projects around our community.  My homeroom in particular will be picking up garbage along the Cedar Rapids riverfront.  It’s actually really fascinating to me how snarly the students become about volunteering.  So, yesterday, we had a long talk about what a property tax is and how it affects them.  They shut up fairly quickly.


5//  Half-Marathon #5 is scheduled for tomorrow!  I really enjoyed the Illinois Marathon’s organization last year (although maybe not so much the race).  I’m looking forward to writing a recap of tomorrow’s race.  I should probably look at the course elevation and the route map so I don’t have another issue like I did at the Brewer’s Mini-Marathon.


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3 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

  1. Consider giving your students a few days notice…some may need that time to say good bye…it may be less upsetting to some of them…just a thought ♥…happy to see you and Chris at Jackson’s recital!

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