Build a Bar: The Cart

Pinterest seems to have just exploded with “the bar cart” in the last year or so.  Something about the “resurgence of the at-home cocktail hour.”  Which is great considering how much of a frugal franny I’ve become.


Seriously, the thought of paying between $4-$8 for something I can make at home is nauseating.


Ahem, back on track.  I’ve wanted a bar cart for a while and (shocking!) I’m not willing to shell out the $50+ to buy one pre-made.  Luckily for me, I live right down the street from a pretty rad thrift store and this beauty caught my eye.  The $8 price tag didn’t hurt either.




Since October (shameful), it’s sat in our living room becoming nothing more than an additional shelf.  Sometimes it would hold wine or licquor, but most times, it was piled high with random crap and in terrible need of a dusting.


Because we’re moving in T-minus 49 days (squee!!), Chris gave me an ultimatum before our long Easter weekend — either paint and finish it or it gets pitched.


Shit.  Point taken.


We had Good Friday off due to it being Good Friday (and yes, I do work at a public school) (And no, I don’t want to talk about it), so Friday became spray-painting day!




I put a coat or five two of white primer/paint combo over the entire cart.  However, it didn’t give me the coverage I wanted, so I will need to touch up some spots with a paintbrush and regular white paint.  But, the gold (*swoon*) legs were a stroke of brilliance and luck that Wal-Mart carried a metallic spray-paint.  After not waiting patiently for the white to dry, I taped off the parts I wanted to keep white and went to town on the legs & wheels.  Like I said last week, I’m really digging the gold & white combo and this beauty is going to be so fabulous in our new apartment.


Now the question is – what else do I put on this thing?  I don’t want to go whole-hog and buy all.the.booze ever made.  For Chris and I, it might be wise to have the basic types of alcohol (tequila, vodka, rum, whiskey), some mixers (coke, San Pelligrino, Crystal Light), and fun glassware.


Do you have a bar?  What rules of thumb do you follow?




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