Moving to MKE: Bedroom


Inspiration: Dress || Confetti Poppers || Striped Bench || Pink Flowers
Things I would totally buy: Ampersand Print || Gold Tray || Striped Duvet Set || Pink Pillows || Gold Vase

While we’ve lived in Iowa, we’ve straddled between having grown-up and college-aged furniture. When we move, Chris is hanging around for a few days and then will be shipping off to Michigan for most of the summer (muhahahaha).  I’m loving the fun pops of gold and pink that I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest lately, but, we have pretty nice dark-ish brown bedroom set that I refuse to replace.  Also, Chris would kill me if I made a black, white, gold, and pink bedroom (unfortch, I do need to take his feelings into account when I decorate).  My current though is that we can update our bedroom by covering our current comforter with a crisp navy & white duvet color, adding some gold accessories on both of our sides, throw a minimal amount of pink on my dresser and on the bed and voila!  A new and more chic/grown-up bedroom.


What do you think?  Do you take your partner’s feelings into account when you decorate?




6 thoughts on “Moving to MKE: Bedroom

  1. sounds good…Michael really does not have a clue to decor but I make sure the space is not too feminine…why is C going to Mich?

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