Blue Pants

aka: waaaaaay out of my comfort zone.


I teach 9th grade and I’ve only got about 12 more years of life than my students, so for the past few years, I’ve tried to keep it as basic as possible.  More recently, I’ve been more inspired to break out of my “all black all the time” mentality and really hit some trends this year.  So, I bring you “Blue Pants”…



Sweater {Target} // Shirt {Target} // Pants {Old Navy} // Chuck Taylors





This is probably the brightest color I own for non-workout clothing (#seriously), so my thought was to keep the rest of the outfit neutral so that the pants did the talking and I wouldn’t be scared to walk into school.  Only one kid remarked on the color and ONLY because they are doing a project on an element and their chosen element is Cobalt.  So there.


I bought the Old Navy Pixie Pants two weeks ago on a hope and a prayer.  I have been drooling over the idea of ankle pants but as someone who is vertically challenged, I thought it would only add to my issue.  Add huge calves to the mix and normally, it just looks silly.  But, after I tried on these babies from Old Navy, I was hooked and bought two pairs – black (duh) and blue.  I flirted (for a millisecond) with buying a cool pattern, but blue pants were a big enough jump.  They have just the right amount of stretch meaning that they fit my athletic curves (huge ass calves and runners thighs) without cutting off circulation, but also don’t sag by lunch time.  After looking at these pictures, I’m not a huge fan with how the ankle starts to flare at the end of the day, but that’s due to my calves swelling and not the pants.  Also, I slept in these pants on our way home from Milwaukee last week and they still held their shape after sleeping in weird positions for four hours.  Go team.


Also, these shoes?  I bought them when I was a junior in high school.  In 2004.  My shoes are almost as old as my students.  SMH.


Do you own brightly colored pants?  How do you style them?




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4 thoughts on “Blue Pants

  1. Those are awesome. You look fantastic! I have a pair of green pants that Jordan hates. Whatever! He just doesn’t understand fashion 🙂

  2. Those pants are so cute! I have a few bright colored pants and I style them similarly. I have a pair of red pants that I typically pair with a chambray and a pair of kelly green pants that I pair with either black tops or chambrays.

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