Weekly Workouts

A day late. Shoot.




Last week, Chris and I went to Milwaukee so that I could job hunt & complete my interview (again, *fingers crossed*).  We were there from Monday morning through late Wednesday evening so I could basically hustle my way into the school system.  Walking into schools and handing my resume to the secretary or principal is SO not in my personality.  But hey, gotta do what you gotta do, right?


On Tuesday, Chris and I went on a leisurely run from where we were staying to the lake.  It was so much fun to run with him in Milwaukee!  We literally haven’t done that in almost 5 years, so it was really cool to run by this massive body of water together.  On Thursday, I tried to run out some of the stiffness of sitting in the car for 4 hours and then crammed in a ton of miles this past weekend to “catch-up”.  I can’t believe that I got that 12-miler done.  It was one of the hardest runs I’ve done in a long time.  


This week, I go down a bit in mileage to recover before the final mileage escalation.  T-minus 5 weeks until my 5th half-marathon!


How did your workouts go last week?




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