Friday Five

Happy Friday!  I’m devastated that it’s already the Friday of spring break.  This week went by so damn quick.  I’m definitely not mentally prepared to return to my Iowa classroom on Monday.  But, it’ll be fine.  It always is.

{If you’re here for the Runners Link Up – scroll down to #5! 🙂 }

1//My whirlwind three days in Milwaukee were, well, crazy busy.  It’s a whole ‘nother post in and of itself.  Seriously, applying for your second job is worse than applying for college + your first job combined.  I’m pretty smitten with three schools so *fingers crossed*!

2//I was able to reconnect with an old friend that I hadn’t seen since we moved to Iowa.  It was nice seeing her and I’m looking forward to rebuilding that friendship (hopefully) when we move back.


3//I went on quite the driving tour of Milwaukee this week and I totally forgot how much I love the architecture, the grit, and the history of that city.  Driving through Miller Valley (above – B&W) brought a lot of feelings back from this past September (Brewers Mini) and from when I was student teaching and drove through it on the way to school.

4// It hit 50 degrees yesterday and will hit 60 degrees today!  Praise be!

5// And, finally…RUNNER’S TELL ALL!

It’s time for another running link-up!  Amanda and Beka wanted to know what our favorite running gear was, so without further ado…

Tees:  Generally, this is hit or miss.  I really like the tech tees from Target as they’re affordable and they work.  But, I’ll also wear a lot of race tees that are wicky.  Also, I totally forgot about the most IMPORTANT piece of running gear for women…the sports bra.  I swear by Nike U-Back adjustable sports bras.  They have a hook-back like a normal bra and are this bra is the ONLY one that keeps everything in its place without hitting me in the face.  I HATE the excuse, “Well, I have big boobs so I can’t run.”  No.  You can run, you just don’t want to or don’t want to find the right equipment.

Shorts: I’ve worn Nike Tempo shorts since 2009 when they were THE cutest thing to wear with a tee and flip-flops around Marquette.  Actually, my first pair of Tempo’s was a Marquette version.  I’ve since accumulated a lot of these in different colors.  I love them because they don’t ride up when I run, but they also breathe.

Socks: These socks are like running on clouds.  They have just the right amount of cushion where they’re cozy enough for running and regular wear.  Although you should probably wear them for regular wear first.  I love Smartwool’s too because they don’t reek after you run in them.  However, they are on the pricy side and Chris just experimented with some Asics socks and says they’re pretty similar, so I’ll have to give that a try.

Shoes:  I recently broke up with Mizuno.  Sad, I know.  I’ve worn Mizunos for almost 4 years and when the running store clerk brought out Brooks, I’m pretty sure I accidentally gave him the stink-eye (oops).  But sure enough, I slipped on my feet, hopped on their treadmill and became positively smitten with them.

Fuel:  I LOVE drinking coconut water instead of Gatorade, but that ish can get expensive.  So, I normally cut gatorade in half with water.  In terms of food, I love the ProBar Chews in Raspberry – they have caffeine in them!

What were some highlights from your week?  If you run (and you SHOULD!), what is some of your fave gear?  Anything I absolutely need to try?


12 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. I’m looking to break up with my Nikes for Brooks. My first running shoes were Brooks Ghost 3 and I ran in them for a little while but couldn’t take how ugly they were. I saw the ones you have in a store recently and was super impressed at how much cuter they had gotten!

  2. I’ve always been a sworn Asics person when it comes to shoes, but I’ve been told I really need to try Brooks. It’s sometimes scary breaking up with with an old faithful though!

    I totally get the good socks and what difference it makes. Yes I used to ‘borrow’ my son and daughter’s running socks when they were clean! Hey I can do that….I do the laundry, however they soon caught on that they were always a pair short for the week….so I had to have my hubby get me some!

    Lastly, what can I say…you will be MISSED! However, I am so happy for you to be going after your dream! That is what we are currently doing too. Details to follow. You have made SCIENCE fun and interesting for a girl that I know oh so well.

    • Aww, thanks Nanc. I have yet to tell Coach about all this, so this has to stay on the DL. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

  4. Those socks look super comfy! I just may have to give them a try! And thanks for the recommendation on sports bra. I need one with good support so I’ll check it out as well. Have a great weekend 🙂

  5. I’ve never considered getting decent running socks and now I can’t imagine why I’ve never considered that. I’m definitely going to find some decent ones soon, rather than the ones I buy for £4 for 5 pairs. Oops!

  6. Nike temp shorts. YES. This is pretty much all I run in! So comfortable. And welcome to Brooks love 🙂 On my last pair the guy convinced me to try Asics, but I definitely prefer my Brooks, so I’ll be switching back next time. Thanks for linking up, friend!

    • (1) Of COURSE I would link up. 🙂 (2) I emailed Beca to sponsor a link-up in the fall, so woohoo! (3) Nike Tempo shorts are the only thing I’ll run in at this point, fo’ sho’ (4) I don’t think I’ll ever go back to Mizunos!


  7. I’m the same about running shorts – I had a fear of running in shorts at all, so when I found a pair (surprisingly, they’re from Walmart) that I loved, I went back and bought all their colours (that match my shoes of course!)

    Totally snooped around your blog and checked out your 30 for 30! Definitely a good idea to keep it in mind because like me, all of a sudden you blink and you’re 31 and totally didn’t make the top 30 under 30 LOL

    Totally get your own domain name! I was always nervous to and then one day just said, aw heck with it, and it was pretty easy and I love just typing one short title + .com. Totally makes me feel more legit even though my mom’s my only reader LOL Blogging retreat is also on my radar! I keep seeing people talking about BlogHer or some other fitness blogging one and I really want to go sometime when the little one isn’t always attached to a certain part of me!

    P.S. What’s a “blate”!?

  8. I need to try on those Brooks shoes! I have seen them all over and they look fun. I run in Nike quick dry shirts and they last forever too! I had had mine since about 2010 and they still look like new.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

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