Weekly Workouts

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I had a pretty decent week of training this week.  I ran 4 times the week before spring break, which is always a challenge physically and emotionally.  I was pretty pumped that I ran twice (!!) with Chris.  The last time we ran together, we were in Paris and got into a HUGE fight because he wasn’t going fast enough for my liking.  Because I?  Am an asshole sometimes.


As much as I’d love to recap every.single.workout today, I’m not really feeling it.  I have had this interview on my mind alllll weekend and my anxiety, which normally hovers around “pretty high” anyways has skyrocketed towards “danger levels”.  I’ve prepared all I can – I’ve made portfolios, prepared a lesson, copied student handouts, went back to school to get my projector adapter (thank god I remembered this), have a rockin’ Jeopardy game for reviewing the nutrient cycles and look pretty gosh darn cute for an interview considering that I have to teach a lesson.  (Also, teaching in high heels?  No.  Just no.)  I just have to get to Wisconsin, throw on some make-up, take a huge deep breath and walk in and do my thing.  Not hard, right?


I’m thinking about doing a post on how I prepared (in detail) for today.  Thoughts?


Wish me luck!




5 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts

  1. Good luck with your interview! Nice training, too! I am with you – I sometimes just don’t feel like recapping every single workout.

    • Thanks! I think it went well. At least you have a great excuse – you have the CUTEST baby at home. 🙂

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