Friday Five



1// Today is the last day before break!  Thank god.  The students have been checked out all week and I think we’re all in need of a break.

{Via} Pretty sure my kids feel this way all.the.time.

{Via} Pretty sure my kids feel this way all.the.time.

2// I found what I get to teach on Monday for my interview lesson.  I get to teach an ecology review session.  I’ve taught ecology approximately 0 times in my entire teaching career, so looks like I’ll be studying up a storm this weekend.  And then I’ll be an expert for Monday.  Time to bust out the dry erase board, markers, and Socrative (an AWESOME site for teachers to use for class).  I really wish I was teaching chemistry (the position I’m applying for) but teaching is all about making do, ya know?

{Via} Haha, get it?

{Via} Haha, get it?

3// I have a pretty busy weekend ahead of me (see: ecology, lesson plan).  I’m also going out for a friend’s birthday on Saturday night and a baby shower on Sunday afternoon before we head up to MKE on Monday morning.


4// Milwaukee is going to be SO much fun (and stressful)!  I’m getting dinner with a friend that I haven’t seen since I moved to Iowa, so I’m pretty stoked about that.


5// AND…the best of all…I got another job interview!  Hells yeah.  SO excited!  Husband doesn’t know yet because I want to tell him in person.  Hopefully, he doesn’t go through his Feedly before I get home!



Congratulations to Kimberly for winning a free tech shirt from Race Ragz!  Check your email!


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