Sunday Social

Happy daylight savings day!  I actually dislike “springing forward” due to losing an hour and then getting to drive to work in the dark again.  But, it’ll be light out later so I can run more! (positive thinking, ftw!)



On to the questions:
1// What is your favorite outfit pin?

The first outfit is what I would wear on weekends or on Fridays.  The second outfit is my dream teaching outfit.  This dress is similar and I will just salivate over the TB flats (for, like, forever).

1 | 2

1 | 2

2//What is your favorite food pin?

I pin an unreasonable amount of food pins.  Frankly, it’s the only way that Chris and I will eat new things.  I fell in love with the beautiful styling of this cookie recipe and am looking forward to converting it to GF.  And no, I’m not sharing. 😉

3// What is your favorite wedding pin?

I got married pre-Pinterest (GASP!), so I have zero board dedicated to this topic.  Shucks.

4//What is your favorite DIY/craft pin?

I love ampersands.  They’re so curvy and feminine.  This craft looked really fun and easy to complete!

5// What is your favorite quote/verse pin?

6// Share one random pin you love::

I’ve always thought this was hilarious/genius…


Check out all my pins here!




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