Friday Five

Happy 250th post to me!  I can’t believe I started this little blog of mine in October of 2012 and have stuck with it for as long as I have.  Go me. 🙂

1// We had parent-teacher conferences this week (2-12 hour shifts…woo!) and I am always so blown away by the support that we teachers receive from parents.  Even when I have areas of improvement for students, it’s really great to see that parents and teachers can work as a team.


2// I had my first great run in a looong time and it was outside!  I’m officially breaking up with the treadmill especially since the weather is finally turning the corner!


3// My little brother was accepted into a collegiate music program!  I’m so proud of him!


4// Last semester, I tutored an old student of mine in chemistry and as a thank-you, her family gave me a (very generous) gift card to any business in the town I live in.  I was so surprised!  It was so thoughtful and sweet.

And finally…

5// I got an offer for an interview for a school in Wisconsin!  I’m pretty excited/anxious/nervous about it.  But, just because I have an interview doesn’t mean I’ll get the job.  I’m just so honored that they’re deciding to interview me.


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