Plaid, Tan & Denim

First, a huge thank you for all the love and support I received after last week’s post.  I really appreciated all of emails, texts, calls, and face-to-face chats.  I am so lucky and blessed to have such amazing friends (digital & non-digital).  I took a break (obviously) from all things social media and worked on finding the appropriate balance and making copious lists on what makes me actually happy and not superficially happy.


On a more positive note, I’ve realized I love getting dolled up for work, but after parent-teacher conferences last night (woo, 12-hour shift!), I was so incredibly grateful that there was a fundraiser today at school.  For $5, we can wear jeans to support “Spread the Word to End the Word” (which is totally something you should support as well!).

You’re welcome for the bathroom pics, by the way.  It has way better lighting than what I have at home and full mirrors!

plaid&denimSweater {Target}|| Shirt {J.Crew Factory}|| Jeans {Old Navy}|| Mocs {Target}
Sassy lanyard not included in the stylish-ness factor.

plaid&denim2“I hope no student walks in while I’m taking this…”


Why, yes, that is the exact same shirt & jeans combo from two weeks ago.  If you throw a sweater on top, pop the collar and add some mocs, it turns into a relatively school-appropriate outfit that is also insanely comfortable.  #teacherwin

We’re learning about the groups & families of the Periodic Table and doing a lab that requires the use of bunsen burners, so wish me luck that the kids don’t burn anything down (haha, but seriously).  This is what is going to be getting me through today::




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