Weekly Workouts

Or, 9 weeks to go until the Illinois Half-Marathon:

This week was glorious.  Mostly because the weather gave a 3 day teaser for spring by gracing us with 40 degree weather.  Unfortunately, polar vortex round #3 will be greeting us this week.  Why do I live here again?


This week’s mileage got done, surprisingly.  I haven’t seen mileage numbers like this since I was training for a marathon and doing far longer weekend runs.  I also made up more miles from a couple of weeks ago:
Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 1.55.01 PM



Monday – Rest Day

We had a legitimate snow day.  It snowed 8 inches and school was cancelled.  Luckily for me, I had run 9 miles the day before, so i took a well deserved rest day.

Tuesday – 35 minute tempo

(1) I’m pretty sure I don’t do these correctly.  (2) This was a TERRIBLE run.

About 3.5 miles in, I started having GI issues.  Like, enough to slow down.  Then, at mile 4, I took a nose dive on some snow/ice and scraped my knee pretty badly.  There is still a goose egg almost a week later.  It has gotten smaller though, so that’s good.

Wednesday – 4 miles easy

I knew I would hate myself if I let a beautiful-ish day go to waste.  So, out for 4 miles I went.

Thursday – 4.46 miles easy

Another warm-ish day.  I could have fallen asleep sitting up and deeply considered it.  Instead, I dragged my ass out the door and enjoyed a medium-sized run.  Go me.

Friday – 5 miles easy (treadmill)

It was pretty windy on Friday afternoon.  So, my friend, Meg, and I went up to our school’s fitness center.  I convinced myself that I had to do a minimum of 3.5 miles and then I could see “how I felt” from there.  I tricked myself into doing 5.  Woo!

Saturday – Rest Day

Ran errands, graded, planned, and drank wine.  It was a great decision.

Sunday – 10.25 miles (outside!)

The weather was slated as COLD.  No kidding as it was 16 degrees when I started and only 18 degrees when I finished.  I’m not sure why it is so damn hard to run in the cold.  Like, I understand that I’m wearing at least five more pounds of clothing and runners get dehydrated faster in the cold, but a minute/mile slower than my normal training pace?  Really?  I’m relieved this run was completed in under 1:40.

Next week, I need to have a speed workout (7 x 400), 2 3-4 easy milers, a 5 miler (hopefully) pace run, and an 8 miler next weekend.

How did your workouts go this past week?


PS: Finally registered for the Chicago Half Marathon in September!  Anyone else going to be there?


2 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts

    • We definitely should plan on doing a race together soon! The Chicago Half is on September 7th (a Sunday) and I paid $70 on the last day for that price, so it is, I’m sure, unreasonably expensive now.

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