Link Love

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 11.16.15 AM

As a sufferer of “chronic b**ch face”, this is too true and actually quite funny.  (NSFW)

From Buzzfeed, 19 things only people with Celiac’s Disease understand.

Nadine over at Back East Blonde reflected on why being in a sorority was a great investment.  I’m so proud to be a Sigma Kappa!

Merrick had a wonderful post/idea about throwing a dinner party in lieu of a baby shower.  Her set-up was absolutely lovely.

Jessi from Hopes and Dreams gave her readers a peek into her parenting style.  I really love how she’ll pull her munchkin aside and discuss behaviors.  Something to definitely keep in mind in the way, far off future.

Jessica at Here & Now is redirecting her career trajectory and becoming a teacher (YES!  Welcome!).  Her fashion style is spot-on and I’m LOVING this outfit she wore (a loooong time ago).


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