Friday Five

1// We still haven’t had a full week of school.  And, while I’m slowly dying on the inside from lack of consistency, I’m learning how to accept things I don’t want and go with the flow.  At least we’re still getting out June 6th.  amirite?  I think the weird schedule is affecting the students’ behavior though and I’m trying oh so hard to be patient with them (and myself).

2//It was beautiful weather this week – almost 40 degrees for three days in a row!  I was able to run outside and it was amazing.  But, the sidewalks have turned into small creeks/ponds/riverbeds.  Needless to say, my running shoes are taking quite the beating.

3// I’m feeling really relieved that I confessed what I’ve been hiding for months.  C & I talk about the move daily and have strategized practically everything.  If we are officially moving, this blog will change {again} and will probably stay that way until I stop blogging forever.

4// I chopped off all my hair last week and donated it to Locks of Love.  This is the first time I’ve donated so I’m pretty excited about it.  I needed to get my hair “interview ready”.

Thanks to Rhiannon for the picture.

Thanks to Rhiannon for the picture.

5//  Amanda & Beca are doing a link-up of how we started running in 250 words or less.  Here goes::  I joined the track team freshman year of high school as a sprinter eventually working my way up to rocking the 100m & 300m hurdles. Senior year, I was convinced to join the cross country team and was taken to the ER.  Twice.  Needless to say, I thought I would never run anything longer than a 5K.  Ever.  During my freshman year at Marquette, I made the cut for the Novice Women’s Crew Team and was running 30 miles/week and rowing 12 hours a week.  I was skinny and loving it.  But, with two surgeries within 8 months, I stopped exercising all together.  Fast forward to student teaching and I realized how large I had become (size 10/12) and made an effort to start running again.  Kind of.  I was a very casual gym goer.  After we moved to Iowa, I was still holding on to some chub and running was free, so I started doing it a little more.  Bring on the engagement and the wedding and I stopped exercising…AGAIN.  After getting back up into the 150lb range, I decided that C & I were going to run a half-marathon for our first wedding anniversary.  25 pounds, 1 full marathon and 4 half-marathons later, running has become an essential part of my life.


{Linking up with Lauren, Amanda, Beca, and the Good Life Blog}


4 thoughts on “Friday Five

    • Oh hey! Yes, rowing was short-lived, but still super awesome. Do you remember when you ran your second marathon? You’re even more bad-ass than me. 🙂

      We? Are rockstars.

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