A fairly large announcement.

No, no babies.

This is a post that has been months in the making.  And let’s cut to the chase and I’ll give details in a bit- we are most likely moving at the end of this school year.  And by moving, I don’t mean around the corner, I mean back to Milwaukee.

I’ll give you a second to process this while you look at a picture of the Milwaukee lakefront::

Milwaukee Lakefront

Milwaukee Lakefront

OK, here are the deets in bullet point form::

  • While we were in France (after I accepted a coaching position), C realized that there are no academic jobs available in his field.  The ones that are available are at schools no one has ever heard of and even they get 100’s of applicants.  Over the course of the next 4 weeks (while still abroad), he registered for classes that were not history-related so he could receive relevant training in something that would actually allow him to become gainfully employed after completing his PhD.
  • This is when we started toying with moving in general.  You see, C worked extremely hard at Marquette and received a Presidential Fellowship from UI.  This fellowship came with 3 years of non-service funding meaning he doesn’t have to teach classes and will still get paid.  The last two years of the fellowship are service-free so he can write his dissertation…from anywhere.
  • He is planning on completing his dissertation while also volunteering and interning so he can gain experience in a field that will hire him.  But, the catch is that there is no where in our current living area that has programs he wants to work at.
  • Last fall, while visiting a friend in Milwaukee, I was chatting with her dad about C.  Papa B said to have C send him his resume.  So, when I got home, that’s exactly what C did.
  • Since then, C has been able to network in programs that he wants to work in (urban education non-profits) and has some really exciting opportunities to volunteer and intern (for free) while completing his dissertation.  This is a win-win for him/us.

Because C can work from anywhere for the next two years with a guaranteed salary, the only reason we would not move is if I do not get offered a teaching position in the area.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that I am stalking the job boards actively looking for job opportunities in the MKE area.  The administrators in my building are aware that I am looking for another job (because they wrote me letters of recommendation), but are also aware that I may also be coming back.  Honestly, I feel as if I don’t get an offer for a WI teaching position that I’m putting a huge damper on our future as C won’t be able to network in the non-profit world.  That is extremely stressful and I know I’m putting more pressure on myself.

While Milwaukee is my most favorite city in the entire world, the thought of leaving Iowa is bittersweet for a lot a reasons including the fact that we got engaged & married here.  Iowa also saved us, so to speak, from the effects of the recession as we both were able to have a salaried position right out of college.  And for that, we are entirely grateful.

I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts about the job application process, teaching while looking for another job, and exploring new parts of Milwaukee with you as we plan (another possible) inter-state move.  This is NOT an announcement that we are 100% moving (so Iowa peeps, for now expect that I am returning for a 5th year of teaching at Prairie), I’m just letting you in on the secret that I’ve been holding since the fall.

Thanks for reading this novel of a post.


8 thoughts on “A fairly large announcement.

  1. Good luck with the job hunt! I am also in the same boat as you – my husband and I are planning a move right now but we are keeping all details secret until at least one of us gets a job offer. It’s so scary but exciting at the same time! My sister just moved to Milwaukee for grad school so I totally understand why you want to move there! It was really pretty and they had a really cool German food scene!

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