Snow Day Style

We had our sixth (ARGGGGH!!!!) snow day last Monday.  I am really sick of not having a full week of school.  Seriously.  We haven’t had a full week of school since December 9th.  Since then we’ve had six cancellations and numerous 2-hour delays.

But, the hardest part of snow days for teachers isn’t rearranging lesson plans, having panic attacks, or realizing how stir crazy everyone is becoming.  No, the hardest part of snow days is showering and getting dressed.  I’m not even kidding.  Why would I get dressed when I have “nowhere to go”?

“Today,” I thought, “will be different!  I will go somewhere (after it stops sleeting) and I will get SO much done!”  So, I overcame the first hurdle (which was showering and putting real clothing on).  The next was actually getting work done.


Plaid Shirt // Skinny jeans




No shoes, FTW.

How have you been handling this winter?  Are you ready for spring?


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