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Sorry for the old (c) there…blog changes are hard.


Somehow, I didn’t realize that my alma mater had a commercial until it was played before the basketball game today on TV.  To say I love it would be an understatement.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, my alma mater also had a list of places to go around Milwaukee.

When MU played Butler recently, our mascots had a little outing.  It’s adorable.


In non-Marquette Links:

How do the days of the week rank up?  Buzzfeed has the answer for you.

As I near 27, I’m starting to appreciate being out of my early 20’s. Cosmo had a great article about why it is actually SO great to be past the age of 25.

Everybody’s time is limited, so how can I spend my time the most wisely?  The Everygirl has 4 Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves.




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