Stripes & Chambray

I’ve been having a love affair with my chambray shirt.  It took forever to find one that actually fit – this one doesn’t gape open at the chest and doesn’t make me look like a box.  I’m seriously in lurrrrve.  However, I’ve been wearing it with the same black skinny jeans to work and really wanted to find another way to wear it.  When I saw that Bri had bought this super freaking cute striped dress at Target, I knew I had to cave.  Well, thanks to Bri (and Pinterest), I finally figured out how to get even more wear out of this shirt.

I think I’m super on trend, no?


Chambray Shirt // Striped Dress// Pointed Flats





Thanks to the 2-hour late start we had on Tuesday, I was able to take a million pictures in decent light on my phone.  I’m hoping decent picture quality is in my future (hint: I’m seriously considering buying a tripod and remote).

How else would you wear a chambray shirt?



10 thoughts on “Stripes & Chambray

    • I realized much later that I subconsciously borrowed the idea from Merrick of Merrick’s art. Either way, thanks!

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