All of the things.

It’s the last day in January already?  Why is 2014 flying by?  I’m not feeling super hot today so I stayed home so I can recover faster.  This week’s Friday faves…

(1) Shopping :: I have a monthly budget or $150 for personal shopping.  And, I completely blew it (and more) in 30 minutes with two online purchases.  The two skirts, from ModCloth naturally, are perfect for work.  I haven’t really been feeling pants lately (which is really unfortunate considering the polar vortex we’re experiencing) and high-waisted skirts are where it’s at.  The jacket was a decision created by winning a $20 Lululemon gift card from Bri.  I’m so excited for it to come in the mail!

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(2) Teaching ::   With a cancellation at the start of the week due to frigid temperature and having a 2-hour delay the next day, the students this week have been crrraaaazy.  I think they’ve been cooped up too long because of the cold.  However, yesterday I was at an all day Science Council meeting to discuss Next Generation Science Standards alignment and how to vertically align our courses so that all students in grades 9-12 are exposed to every.single.standard.  I am SUPER passionate about science standards so this was a heated argument.  It didn’t really help that I was the youngest person by a long shot in this group of teachers.  {In case you missed it, I posted pictures of where I spend most of my waking hours.}


Creating seating charts on a snow day // Collaborating during a meeting


(3) Running :: I’m only in week 2 of half-marathon training, and I’m already tired of running inside.  Again, this polar vortex isn’t helping anything.  Excuse me while I pout during my entire treadmill run.

Last week's workouts.

Last week’s workouts.


(4)  New Years Goals ::  (1) I just want to point out that *this girl* posted more than once this week. I am sucking it up at posting 3 times per week, but it’s only the first month and I think I’ve averaged a couple of posts per week, so I’m pretty happy.  (2) Another one of my goals was to take a picture everyday on Instagram with the hashtag – #ashleydoes2014.  It’s going really well, I’ve only missed one day, but I’ve taken more pictures than days this month.  This is seriously incredible as I’m terrible at using Instagram (and Twitter, oh gosh, don’t even get me started on that).  (3) I’m rocking it out on half-marathon training and I’m 99% sure that I’m registering for the Chicago Half-Marathon in September as my third official race of the year. (4) I’m slowly but surely adding to the Goodwill pile to minimize my belongings and (5) I’ve been enjoying more frequent happy hours with husband and we’re both pretty happy about that.

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 5.26.56 PM

(5) Husband :: Has an interview today!  It’s an informal interview to “get to know him” but I am still SO proud of him.  I’m really excited to see where this leads him.  In addition, he also was granted a month-long fellowship to study at a midwestern college to finish his dissertation.  He is so happy that things seem to be falling into place.  Ideally, he would complete his dissertation AND receive a job offer next spring while on his normal fellowship.  ❤


What happy things happened to you this week?



6 thoughts on “All of the things.

  1. This is a great round up! Those skirts you bought are so pretty. I’ve been doing some organizing/decluttering, too. I have had such a hard time running this winter with the cold. We have a treadmill, but it’s in the garage and I can’t bring myself to go out there most days. I’ve been using the mini elliptical I have and various indoor walking DVDs. I bought some YakTrax and am hoping to try those today since we got another 6 inches of snow. 🙂

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