Weekly Workouts

aka: Week 1 of Illinois Half Marathon Training

The first large event of the 2014 racing season is the Illinois Half Marathon.  I ran the full marathon there last year and had a great time overall, so I’m really excited to run the half marathon on the same course.  C is doing the full marathon there this year and is gunning for sub-3:55 for his 3rd (!!) marathon.

I created a modified version of Hal Higdon’s Intermediate plan to give me some flexibility.  I would have to say that week 1 went well.  Although, week 1 always goes well…

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 3.17.39 PM

Monday – 25 minute tempo
After more research, I did this run incorrectly.  I did a quick pyramid workout reaching a maximum of 3 minutes at 8 min/mile pace instead of having a more sustained run of 8 min/mile for the majority of the run.  Oh well…now I know.

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – 5 mile mid-week run
The weather was supposed to be horrible for the drive home from school.  So, instead of working out at school (we have a really nice fitness center), I drove home while it was still light out.  I ran to & from the gym (2 miles round trip) and ran 3 miles on the treadmill at 8:20 pace.  Again, I did this incorrectly.  I should have ran this at race pace (8:13).  Whatever.  I hate the treadmill.  I’m just happy I got the mileage in this week.

Thursday – 3 miles easy
Not even I could screw this up.  Ran this one at school and did so at a 8:28 pace.

Friday – 3 miles easy
I should have gone to Crossfit, but my hand still can’t hold a lot of weight or stand a lot of pressure.  (Oh, I stabbed myself with a glass at a wedding last weekend…sober.  Good times.)  3 miles felt good on a Friday afternoon.

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – long run
Love the fact that the long run for this week was 6 miles.  After the anemia shenanigans and just trying to get motivated to workout, running 6.36 miles in the snow was freeing.  Looking forward, 6 miles will eventually become the mid-week pace distance.  I just enjoyed this while it lasted.  Also, running in snow is totally like running in sand.  And the people who haven’t shoveled at all this winter are jerks as the snow has melted, refroze into ice and is now covered in more snow.  My ankles hate you.

This week, I’m planning on doing an interval workout (on the treadmill, argh…), a midweek pace run of 5 miles, 2 easy 3 milers and a long run of 7 miles.  Here’s hoping that week 2 is just as great as week 1!


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