Yesterday, I shared my 5 SMART goals for this new year.  But, while I teased that I don’t like setting arbitrary goals, I think it’s important to live your life with purpose.  I’ve been thinking about the theme in which I want to live my life this year (or in education terms, my “conceptual lens”).  You see, 2013 was a year dedicated to cultivating a life path for the rest of the journey that is my 20s and 2014 is going to be dedicated to putting that plan into action, and for that, I’m going to need to have courage.
I will have the courage to begin:
I will have courage to admit my defeat and try again:


I will have courage to not let my past consume my future:



I will have courage to persevere:

I will have the courage to stand on my own moral integrity (in addition to re-exloring my faith):
And most importantly, I will have the courage to pursue my dreams and support my husband’s dreams:
All images are via Pinterest.
Linking up with Jessica at Little Baby Garvin.

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