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If you’ve been a reader for a bit, you know that I love goal-setting.  Like a lot.  As the queen of to-do lists, nothing is more satisfying that crossing something off.  (**Ahhh, the feeling of accomplishment!**)  With that, I also really dig the idea of SMART goals because they’re not loosey-goosey, up in the air aspirations.  No, my goals have to be specific and measurable and I have five specific goals for 2014:

Goal #1: Run four half-marathons

I’m already registered for two halfs next year – the Illinois Half-Marathon in April and the Summerfest Rock ‘n’ Sole Half Marathon in June.  I need two more races (preferably in the midwest and in the fall) … which ones do y’all recommend?  I’ve already ran Madison (twice – never again), Milwaukee Brewers, and Des Moines, so I’m looking for a fun race in a new location.  I’m thinking the Chicago Half-Marathon for a hometown return, but I’m not entirely sold quite yet.

Goal #2: Take one photo everyday

This will be on Instagram and I’m predicting it’s gong to be a lot of coffee cups and school supplies (such is my life, ya know?).  It will be under the hashtag #ashleydoes2014.  Follow along!  I’m horrendous at taking pictures, so having a specific number every day might be better than 2013’s goal of “Take More Pictures” (not specific!).

Goal #3: Post one outfit, recipe & running post per week

In other words, blog three times per week, minimum.  I’ve missed writing terribly and if I set up a routine/schedule, then I think I’ll be more likely to actually sit down and write.  I have to be PLANNED (see also: lists, to-do).

Goal #4: Minimize my/our possessions

We’ve moved our stuff three times in four years (not including the huge WI –> IA move in 2010).  Do you know how much crap we have?  We do because we moved it so many times.  Last spring, we started to sell our unused (but still nice) stuff on Craigslist and donated other things so we could minimize our storage needs while we were in Europe.  When we came back from Europe and moved into our current house, we realized we still have a ton of unneeded (but still usable and nice!) things.  We need to go on a lot more “virtual moves” a la Gretchen Rubin this year.  For reals.  It doesn’t even matter if we’re moving soon or not, we need to get rid of it so we’re not so cluttered.  This will be done by May 2014 (yay, deadlines!).

Goal #5: Drink more wine.

I go through stages where I won’t drink anything for months and then I’ll have a glass of wine every night (and sometimes, more than one glass).  C has a daily happy hour consisting of one drink before dinner.  He’s been asking me for years to join in with alcohol and not water (there’s a funny story about this when we were engaged).  Anyways, according to Michael Pollan, drinking one glass of wine a night is good for you, so there’s that.

What are YOUR resolutions?  Do you set really specific goals or more general goals?


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