VoxBox: SlimSoft Toothbrush

Disclaimer: I am a proud member of Influenster and the following products were provided to me at no cost.  All opinions are my own.




The husband and I are pretty competitive people, and normally, it doesn’t leak into our lives.  However, that competition is directly related to our dental health.  C has awful luck when he goes to the dentist.  The question I always ask (sarcastically) is “How many cavities this time?”  9 times out of 10, he has at least one.  He also takes MUCH better care of his teeth than I do – true story.  I’ve been known to go to bed without brushing these toofies.  Gross, I know.  But it happens.  More than I’d like to admit.  And, guess how many cavities I have had since we’ve been married…?  NONE.  Haha.

So, the irony here is that for my first VoxBox was tooth care.  Ironically, it was time for a new toothbrush.  I was pretty excited to try it out.




My first thoughts were as follows:

  • This is a soft brush?  How clean is that going to make my teeth?
  • It’s so little!
  • Will this compare to my Sonicare brush (yes, I had one)?

The Colgate SlimSoft toothbrush is an incredibly effective brush that gets 6 x deeper in between teeth and gums, has 35% more bristles and has a ergonomic and flexible handle.  I must say, for such a small and soft brush, I was really impressed with its performance.  My teeth feel cleaner and that’s really all that matters.  Oh, and our cavity count.


Cavity count:

Ashley – 0, C – 1,000,000


Thanks to Influenster for allowing me to review such a great product!


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