Weekly Workouts – 09.16-09.22

{Alternative title: The week I took advantage of tapering}

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 8.51.47 AM

I did a grand total of 14.74 miles, but I feel as if I ran intelligently.  Any runs during the week are done with my middle schoolers who’s paces range from 8:30-11:00 minutes/mile.  I do a lot of back and forth running when I coach and each run typically ends up being a fartlek run with random bursts of speed.  While my weekly mileages haven’t been stellar (you know…life happens…), but weekend runs are where I push myself and see how I can perform.  This past weekend, I did my 6 mile long run (6.24 miles) at a 8:14 pace.  This?  Is amazing.  I felt super strong going up and down the hills of Iowa City and it made me really excited for my race this upcoming weekend!  {More on that in a minute}.  I meant to do another 6 miles on Sunday, but instead saw The Butler with a friend.  It was a GREAT movie!  I definitely recommend it.

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 9.20.34 AM

I feel like I’ve been preparing for the Brewers Mini-Marathon for FOREVER and I can’t believe it’s finally here.  I’m really gunning for a PR, but {not so} secretly want to break 1:48 for the simple fact that I can be placed closer to the start line.  At our cross country meet yesterday evening, I ran with the boys coach for a mile and confessed this goal to him.  Firstly, he was impressed at my times (aw, shucks).  And secondly, I guess I was shocked that I admitted my extreme self- competitiveness. I love running because it gives me an achievable goal, but I realized that I take myself way too seriously.

As a {middle school} coach, my job is to teach the athletes to love running and I do love it.  But, I also need to transition the 8th graders to the next stage of competition where times {really} matter. There’s a fine balance between these two things and when I personally train, I forget about this balance and focus on the competition rather than the fun.

Can I change that part about myself though?  I’m not sure.  Being a teacher & coach has amplified my Type-A personality to the point where I am constantly problem-solving no matter what the situation is.  My brain is on overdrive.

So, here’s my goal for this upcoming weekend – I’m going to have fun.  I’m going to my most favorite city in the whole world to run a race.  And my husband and friend are racing with me, so it should be extra fun in general.  While I’m definitely gunning for a goal, I’m going to enjoy the scenery and try to love running in Milwaukee.

Do you struggle with your intrinisc motivation taking over?

I’m a day late to my own link-up (nice one, Ash).


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