Weekly Workouts – 09.02-09.15

As of today, there are 12 days until the Milwaukee Brewers Mini.  So, it’s taper time.  Sweet sweet glorious taper.

Two weeks ago was a huge mileage week due to having two long runs in one session: 
Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 8.52.25 AM

Elevation of that 10 mile run:

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 8.53.24 AM

Thought: I want to run on the Clear Creek Trail.  Consequence: Three (very) large hills.  Last hill not pictured.

This week was pretty good too:

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 8.52.16 AM

Monday – I forgot my lunch and the XC girls were doing repeats in the 100 degree heat.  I decided to sit this one and coach from the sidelines instead of from on the track.

Tuesday – Morning 5K with my XC girls. 🙂

Wednesday – Tried to do Yoga with the HS and MS XC team…didn’t work out super well.

Thursday – I always forget how much running we do as coaches during meets.  This one was made for coaching, so that was nice.  We probably got a mile in running from one place to another.

Friday – Long run day for my middle schoolers!  A nice, easy, five miles with the older XC girls.

Saturday – A quick shortie around the neighborhood in the most perfect weather ever.

Sunday – An epic 12 miler in the afternoon after multiple thunderstorms.  This run was at a 8:24 pace.  Frankly, if my race on the 28th goes as well as this run, I will be one very happy runner girl.

How did your training go this week?  Link up with Jen and I!

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