End of Radio Silence

Oh HI!  Remember me?

The last seven days have been insane with two cross country meets, afternoon practice, morning practice, back to afternoon practice, lesson planning, grading, and surviving the school week.  While I had every intention of writing, there just wasn’t enough time in the day to do it.  I’ve worked enough hours this week to have worked 8 hours per day for 7 days straight.  You guys, I haven’t even read blogs in the last week.  So I feel really out of the loop here.  I mean, I’ve only posted 3 Facebook statuses between my personal and blog account and pinned exactly ONE thing.  I’m surprised my blog friends didn’t sent out a search party for me.

But I digress.

Blogging is my hobby and I really do enjoy it.  Frankly, if I could make a career out of it, I would.

But, something happened in the last two days that makes me really annoyed at the blogging world.  Some bloggers host events where you buy things for other bloggers, send it to them, and blog about it.  Love that idea.  I’ve participated in Foodie Pen-Pals with the Lean Green Bean and have loved all the experiences (and food) that I’ve gotten.  So, I decided to join another swap I’ve been eyeing and reading about.  We were given our matches this week on Wednesday and my plan was to email my people today (Saturday).

Unfortunately, that wasn’t soon enough.  One girl emailed the person in charge and said I was unresponsive by not getting back to her within 24 hours.  Therefore, within two days of getting matches, I was kicked out of the swap.  I think that’s completely unreasonable.  Because, ladies?  I work full-time+ (see: I’ve already put in 56 hours this week and it’s only Saturday).  I neglected writing any posts for over a week.  One would assume that I’m busy when there’s been nothing but silence here.

But, because I’m trying really hard to be more of a mature adult, I emailed all three parties involved and apologized for my tardiness and that I understood why I was out of the swap (although in my head, I was pissed).  I got an email back saying that I can join back in if I can reply in a more timely manner.

Hmm…I’m conflicted and am not sure what to do.  I’m happy my apology worked, but do I really want to participate in something so stringent?  I mean, life happens guys.

What would you do in this sitch?

PS: I actually really truly love my job.  I’m just pooped.


{Edited 9/15 to add – I’m truly sorry if I offend/offended anyone with this post.  It was how I felt at the time and I don’t hold anything against anyone in this situation.  I’m more annoyed at my own lack of realization.}


9 thoughts on “End of Radio Silence

  1. Ok…WIERD! I am making some GF pizza here with the new Pillsbury dough and your face popped in my mind….then while it was baking I check my email and WAWBAM! There is an blog update. weird. freaky.
    So I read it. Dough still baking. My humble thoughts on your experience….you stated your mind, as a mature adult, and now move on. There are other groups out there. —Wow that sounded very Mom-ish.

    Now you may stomp your feet and have fit!

  2. If you still want to be involved do it…but when you are crazy busy just email the person and say you are crazy busy and will get back to her on Saturday or whenever…you could even have a pat response you could just paste and copy so you don’t even have to think…just a thought

  3. I would just find another one. If they gave you a strict 24 hour deadline to reply, then I can see their point. If you’re heart is set on that one, go for it. In my opinion, I would just let it be. Sorry to hear about your hectic week at work. Hope this next week is easier for you!

    • I totally agree! But I hadn’t seen the 24 hour thing when I signed up for it. Shucks.

      Thanks, I’m hoping for less working this week too. 🙂

  4. 2 days that seems a little harsh, personally I think I would bow out :/

    yay for cross country ! im reliving my glory days running a half marathon in two weeks! I even sent a sweet note to my old coaching thanking him 🙂 7 years later 😉

  5. I think the deadline is 72 hours. you have to get in touch with your partners before 3 days are up or you can be kicked off. that’s pretty clear with the directions. (got partners wednesday and had till friday to email, I think). I’m sorry that happened to you though!

  6. That’s a tough one. I would probably have done what another commenter said, which is to respond really quick and just say you got the email and are busy but will email again in detail in a few days or whatever. Still, most of the linkups I’ve done have been like 72 hours. 24 seems like too short a time. Hope life slows down a little for you!

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