August 2013 Buys

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August 2013 Buys

Oh, another month, another Budgeting Bloggers post.  When I first started, my monthly budget was $100.  I thought this was a good starting point because I was going to go for quality and NOT quantity.  Since I started a new coaching job this year, I thought I would treat myself to raising my budget to $150 for the fall.  This month, I had a goal of only buying things for work.  And I’m pretty proud of what I purchased.

(1) Ivanka Trump Sunglasses c/o TJ Maxx {$15}

(Worn here & here)

I went into TJ Maxx specifically looking for aviator sunglasses and was thrilled when I found this pair.

(2) Maxi Skirt at local Iowa City boutique {$16}

(Worn here)

One day on my way home from the public library (I can walk there now!), there was a sale at a boutique I didn’t know existed.  It was love at first site and I’ve worn it more than I’ve probably should’ve.  So comfy!

(3) Polka Dot Gap tee {$23}

(Buy here)

Best t-shirt ever.  I had really wanted something cute and causal for my first day  back at work.  This sizing is HUGE. I’m in an extra-small and I should be in a medium.

(4) Black Maxi Dress from ModCloth {$50}

(Buy here)

I literally waited over a month for this to come back into stock.  It came back into stock this week and I bought it within 20 minutes of getting the email from ModCloth.  It’s coming on September 4th and I’m SO excited!

(5) Bird Necklace from ModCloth {$10}

(Buy here)

I bought this because I didn’t want to pay shipping on the maxi dress.  Shameful.

(6) Mint Dress from Target {$25}

(Buy here | Worn here}

I was so surprised to find this at Target, of all places.  It’s well fitting, but has cap-sleeves.  You win some, you lose some.

Total for August = $139

Next month, my goal is going to buy more fall-inspired pieces.  I’m eyeing a pair of riding boots on Amazon that I really hope comes back into stock soon!

What is your favorite fall fashion?

What did you buy this month?

PS: This is my 200th post!  WOOHOO!


4 thoughts on “August 2013 Buys

  1. I absolutely love that mint dress, yet another reason why I wish we had Target in the UK! I’ve just ordered that spotted t-shirt but in the navy colour, although I’m worried about the sizing now. May be returning that…
    Lau xx

  2. I didn’t buy ANYTHING this month! I’m so excited. We each have $50 to spend, and in July I had to buy a few unexpected things and went into August. So this month I was determined to get back on track for September. Woo! Love all the things you bought! Super cute.

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