Weekly Workouts – 08.19-08.25

Last week was my first full week back at work.  Now, before you go off on me saying that teachers have the summers off and I shouldn’t complain about “going back” to work full-time, I’m not complaining.  So there.

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 5.32.48 PM

Monday – 2-ish mile run with the cross country team.

Tuesday – Unintentional rest day.  Coach gave me the day off to prep for our 9th grade open house.  I’m not sure if it’s a rest day when I work a 12 hour day.

Wednesday – Ahh…the first {official} day of middle school cross country and of school!  The girls ran 2 miles and I ran 2.72 going from one group to the other.  I have runners in VERY different ability groups.

Thursday – Same deal.  Girls ran 2 miles, I ran 2.7 including a 0.3 mile panic run to a building where two of my runners went to due to dehydration.

Friday – 3 mile run with the more experienced runners.  8th graders are hilarious, just so you know.

Saturday – Rest day/Birthday.  Happy I got to spend some QT with the husband.

Sunday – Bloody hot 10 miles.  I left the house at 6:40am and rocked an average of 8:40min/mile.  I’ll totally take that.  My stupid knee acts up around 5 miles every.single.time.  During the week, no issues.  Long run on the weekend, irritation.

Plan for next week:

  • Run with XC team Monday-Friday
  • Cheer on team at our first meet which is our home invitational on Saturday!  Party at in-laws’ retirement/30th wedding anniversary shindig.  Carbo-load for…
  • … 12 miler on Sunday. {Please dear weather gods, let the heat break before next weekend!}


How did this week go for you?  I’m DYING to hear about your training!  

What fall races are you registered for?  

What’s your spring 2014 wish list?

Coffee & macarons


2 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – 08.19-08.25

  1. Nice miles, still need to plan for next year’s races, really would like to do some out of town once in the scenic areas I enjoy traveling to.

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