Birthday Weekend Recap

So, Saturday was my birthday (& there’s a new addition to the header bar!) and it was awesome!  Time for my very first weekend recap!

The day started off with some coffee with the husband and my birthday present!  While we were in France, I guess I kept saying how badly I wanted a mani & pedi (mostly due to my UGLY runners feet) and C listened!


My coaching authorization came in the mail on Saturday (best.birthday.present.ever).  I can now legally coach in the state of Iowa!  Watch out cross country season!


We went to a wedding reception in WI, which was really nice.  After another 2.5 hours in the car, C & I went to a cute little wine bar near our house.  I’ve wanted to go there for forever and it was really cool.  We live in the town with the number 1 party school (unfortunate), but this is a little non-student corner.  No one is going to go to a wine & cheese bar and get wasted.  This place was super classy and I can’t wait to go back (lots of times!).


I made cashew butter this weekend.  It took FOREVER, but it’s really delicious.  I’m looking forward to lunch more than usual.  It’s probably my favorite subject. 🙂


OH!  And PS: keep on the look out for a little event with these beauties later this week.



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