July Kona Kase Review



Dear Kona Kase, 


Please forgive the epic tardiness of this post.  We JUST finished all of the goodies.  Please forgive me?  


Lots of x’s and o’s.




OK, now that that’s out of the way…on to the review!


Kona Kase is a monthly subscription service that wants to “fuel your active lifestyle.”  It costs $15 per month and the total cost of products they send are definitely worth more than that.  And, they have a multi-month subscriber discount!  Nice!



  1. Perky {Turkey} Jerky – This was unfortunately NOT gluten free, so C had to eat it.  Husband review?  “Pretty good”.  Nothing else.  OK, then.
  2. Chia Bar – This was pretty tasty.  It’s made of fruit and chia seeds in a delightful 100 calorie package.  It was rather small, but did the job to curb some major hunger pains while we were moving at the beginning of the month.
  3. Pro Bar Bolt Energy Chews – These?  Are amaze-balls.  So much so that we ordered a 12-pack off of Amazon to use as fuel for training.  Seriously kids, get on that.  The orange flavor is delish to boot.
  4. Caveman Cookies – Had I not looked at the (really helpful) product card that Kona sends with each package, I would have had NO idea what these are.  They are grain-free, sugar-free cookies (therefore Paleo-friendly!).  They weren’t bad.  We like one flavor better than the other…but no flavor names were given.  Too bad.
  5. Body Glove Surge energy gel (in coffee) – C stole this (OK, I gave it to him) and LOVED it.  So much so that I went to three stores trying to find it, but NO one carries it yet.  He had to suffer with another form of coffee-flavored energy gel.
  6. Garuka Bar – Another non-GF item.  Husband said it was good, but wouldn’t try to find it in stores.
  7. Granola – I took a gamble on this one and it was really delicious and I didn’t get glutened!  Win!
  8. Seed & Fruit pack – This saved my life in one of my coaching classes.  Is definitely not low-cal (~200 calories per pack), but took away the hunger pains in a 5pm-8pm nigh coaching class.


I’m usually pretty wary of monthly subscription boxes, but I’m strongly considering signing up for KK.  They are really awesome and have great customer service.
What are you waiting for?  Sign up for a Kona Kase!  If you don’t like it, you can cancel at any time.




3 thoughts on “July Kona Kase Review

    • Also, I have no idea why I wrote Chris. I don’t think I even know your husband’s name. Do I? Maybe I just feel like you would marry a Chris? I don’t know. I’m confused now. Wait. IS his name Chris?

      • I think we’re meant to be BFF’s because you’re totally right. That was awesome.

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