OOTN: Dress to Impress

Tuesday was our last full day of professional learning followed by the 9th grade parent open house at 6pm.  That hour is the first time we get to meet a good chunk of our parents & students.  So, it’s crazy important to dress to impress that night.

From day to night:


Yes, this *was* in the bathroom. No, there were no students present, thank goodness.

Change from jeans, a tee, sandals & scarf to a fun dress and heels.  A quick excessive teasing to refresh some all-day hair and my trusty ponytail holder to save the day.

Some close-ups of the dress.  By the way, this is the face of a 12-hour work day with an additional hour (total) of commute.  I was POOPED.





I hope everyone has a fabulous hump day.  I am in the middle of my first day with students, so wish me luck!

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy & Transatlantic Blond:

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PS: Fashion 101 is up tomorrow morning through Friday afternoon!

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