OOTD: Green Polka Dots & Navy

Me: “C, I have a blate today.”

C: “I’m sorry…a what?”

Me: “It’s like a blog date.  And I’m really nervous!”

Yesterday, I went on a blate with Emily who is just as nice as she is on her blog, except it was better because it was in person!  I had such a fun time getting to know her better and if you don’t already know her, check her out.  We’re pretty much BFF’s now.


Cardigan | Target // Sleeveless Polka Dot Blouse | Old Navy {Similar Spend} // 5 inch chino shorts | J.Crew Factory // Sandals | Target


I kind of have a problem with polka dots.  After years of only neutral solids in my closet, I decided to mix it up last year and buy some polka dot items.  Well, now I’m obsessed.  I literally have to have a self-talk about how I don’t need another polka-dotted item in my closet.  It’s only a little ridiculous.

I have two days left of summer vacation (eep!).  Normally, I would feel a sense of panic that we report back for teacher days on Friday.  But this year, it’s surprisingly absent and I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing.  It is, though, rather mind boggling that I’ll meet my new crop of 9th graders on Wednesday.  I’m excited for that!

Also, as a totally unrelated side note – C and I were (what we call) spontaneous and walked to a local diner for dinner!  This month, I’ve been really proud of myself for not eating as much animal meat, but last night the Cali Turkey Melt (on GF bread!) was too good looking to not resist – turkey, mozzarella cheese, avocado and pico de gallo!  I chose sweet potato fries (my weakness) and a salad as my sides. YUM!  I’m looking forward to lunch today.

How are you planning on spending these last few days of summer (if you’re a student, teacher, or parent/spouse of a student or teacher)?  I’m looking forward to just hanging out as much as I can before I have to switch modes.

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PPS: Calling all bloggers & non-bloggers – Fashion 101 starts TOMORROW!!!

Coffee & Macarons
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10 thoughts on “OOTD: Green Polka Dots & Navy

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  2. I get nervous before blates, too! I think that’s normal. And I also have an obsession with polka dots. And lace. I know all about that you-don’t-need-another-one self talk at the store. 🙂

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