Weekly Workouts – 08.05-08.11

Last week was our first full week back in the States and the week of cross country camp!  I had a ton of fun as a new coach and it was pretty cool to run with some of my old students.

Breakdown of last week’s workouts:

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 10.32.01 AM

Monday – Easy 3 miler with the middle schoolers who attended camp.  I was really impressed with a lot of their abilities!

Tuesday – I ran a little bit for supervision, but I have no idea how far I ran.  After practice, I mosied over to the track for a 0.5 mile warm-up, 4×400 intervals and a 0.5 mile cool-down.  It was wicked hot out at 11am.

Wednesday – Ran a little bit for supervision (again), but went to a Hot Power Yoga class that night.  My muscles definitely needed a good stretch!

Thursday – My first ever trail run!  I ran 2.58 miles with the middle schoolers and, again, was super impressed with how well they performed. Later that night, we camped out on school grounds for an overnighter, so that was really fun.

Friday – 1.5 mile run with the girls and their parents followed by my 4th coaching class.

Saturday – After a “full” day of coaching class, I had to wait until nighttime to run my long run for the week.  I pumped out 10 miles at a 9:05 pace at 8pm on a Saturday night.  I’m pretty impressed with myself.

Sunday – While I was planning on going to Yoga, my body was begging for a rest day.  So happy I did!  I was exhausted from camp and class and really needed to spend some QT with the husband.

Overall, I had a really great week.  I’m kind of in shock that I worked out 6/7 days.  I know that all the miles got in in terms of the training plan, but I’m hoping to build off this consistency and increase mileage from there.  It is hard because I’m coaching the middle schoolers so their mileage is pretty low.  I’m trying to figure out how to sneak in more mileage while we wait for the high schoolers to finish.  Like, for example, today’s MS workout was two miles.  After I stretched with them, I ran back out to find the head coach and touch base and then after practice was over, I did a lap around the track to have a total run of 3.1 miles.  While this worked really well today, we’ll see how this works later in the season.

My goals for this week are (especially with XC practice):

  • Run Monday (DONE!), Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
  • Hit up Yoga on Wednesday night.
  • Long run of 8 miles on Saturday.
  • Hit up Yoga (again) on Sunday morning.

C is training for his second marathon and he’s on a 3 run/week & 2 cross-training/week plan.  He says he feels a lot stronger and that his legs aren’t burning out as fast.  I’m wondering if this is the path I should take.  My legs ALWAYS feel tired and have since the marathon in April.  What do you all think?  

How did your workouts go?

What type of training plan works best for you – every day?  Or less running days?

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – 08.05-08.11

  1. NIce week and welcome back! I agree, I run with a purpose rather than to cover miles and feel less fatigue. I think a lot is in the recovery process too.

  2. I follow the run less run faster program which is only running 3 days a week and 2 days of xt. I agree it helps with burn out and it makes each run have a purpose. It fits perfect with my schedule. Looks like yoy had a great week! Good luck with coaching! I coach and it’s very rewarding.

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