New Features!

I love August.  Not only is it my birthday month (!!) but with a new school year, it’s the teacher version of New Years.  So much hope and possibility!

So, a while ago, I mentioned that I had some big plans for this little blog of mine.  And now that we’re unpacked and slightly organized, I finally feel like I can share them with you!

The first is that the blog will now feature more weekend recaps, recipes and fashion posts as I have the following three personal goals for this upcoming school year:

  1. Explore the town I live in – We live in a college town and we spent the first two years of our marriage in a neighborhood geared towards families.  For almost two years, I complained about not feeling like I was in my 20’s as we lived far enough away where walking was too much, but finding parking is a complete and total nightmare.  The result was us not doing very much on the weekends.  Now that we live (much) closer to campus, we’re really excited about being able to walk to bars, local eateries, and coffee shops without paying through the nose for parking.
  2. Experiment with new healthy recipes that still taste great – We also live within walking distance of our local food co-op.  After eating gobs of fresh produce in France, we are looking forward to continuing the French way of eating here in the states by going shopping more often for fresh fruits and veggies.  As I am cost-conscious (read: frugal & cheap), I will still be buying basics and staples at Wal-Mart, Target, etc.
  3. Look in the mirror (before work especially) and think “I look pretty!” and not “Well, good enough.” – This is a big one.  It’s no secret to my friends and family that I suffer from pretty low self-esteem, especially in the looks & self-worth department (consider this my “coming out” on this issue and I will never talk about the roots of this on the blog).  C and I have talked about this for forever and I think if I take 10 more minutes in the morning to put myself together, I’ll have a “fake it ’til I make it” attitude about cultivating more self-confidence.

The blog will act somewhat as an accountability buddy as I post new eats and my attempts at fashion blogging.  In order to celebrate (read: more encourage myself) the fashion posts, I decided to create my own link-up!

Coffee & Macarons
Fashion 101 will be a Thursday fashion link-up.  I had originally wanted it to be a teacher-oriented fashioned link-up, but then thought about all the other girls/women out there who try to dress cute for work too!  The posts can be a style/fashion post or a tutorial post.  The link-up will have it’s first link-up on Thursday, August 15th (which is the day before I report back for work).  My goal for the link-up is to share ideas for outfits for working women.  It’s so easy after an almost full week of work to throw on the closest thing in your closet, but I think we, as women, deserve to treat ourselves much better!  And the best part?  YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A BLOGGER TO PARTICIPATE!  You can link-up your Instagram account for an OOTD if you’d like.
What do you think of the new changes? Would you participate in the Fashion 101 link-up?

5 thoughts on “New Features!

  1. on # 3…are you kidding?… you are smart and beautiful!!!!…believe it Ashley…it’s true ♥…I have to say I agree the way you start your day appearance wise helps you feel good about yourself…♥♥♥

  2. I love your plans! I think those sound great. I would totally link up if I had a job to dress up for, but I bet you don’t want to see pictures of me in my pjs all the time 🙂 We all struggle with self-esteem, so you’re not alone, friend!

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