Weekly Workouts – 07.29-08.04

In the course of one week, I…

  • travelled around the world.
  • figured out how to take advantage of jet lag.
  • moved.
  • helped unpacked.
  • semi-organized the house.
  • met the head girls XC coach.
  • started and completed half of my coaching class.
  • AND worked out…sort of.
Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 12.54.42 PM

Grand total mileage of 9.6 miles and an hour long yoga class.

In our coaching class, the teacher has been open and honest with us about what we’ll face as future coaches.  Something I’ve really appreciated is when we need to think back into our own coaching & athletic experiences.  “Your biggest critic is YOU!” he has said multiple times.  And this is very true.  I’m in the midst of trying to be nicer to myself.  Part of me looks at what I “accomplished” this week in terms of mileage and I’m really disappointed.  Only 9.6 miles?  Not even close to what my training plan calls for!  But, on the other hand, I have to remember all of the things we did this week that were non-running related and relax a little bit.  Life happens.  And, while running is a huge part of that, we had bigger fish to fry this week, so to speak.

My training plan for next week looks like this:

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 1.02.24 PM

BUT, I will be running with the XC girls camp this week so I have no idea what my actual week of workouts will look like.  Hell, I might be pulling two-a-days when it comes to yoga classes, but I’m not making any promises here to myself.  The only thing that WILL be absolutely accomplished is that 10 mile run and it most likely will be done in two parts – one part with camp and the other part solo.

Coffee & macarons
How were your workouts this week?  What do you usually do when life throws you off track (haha, pun!)?  
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3 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – 07.29-08.04

  1. I’m actually REALLY impressed that you were able to get those workouts in considering all of the travel, tasks, and changes you had going on! You should consider those 9.6 mi a win! Welcome back to state side! 🙂

    I’m a day late in linking, but sharing a post on a new fitness activity I tried – stand-up paddling (SUP)! Thanks again for letting me know about the weekly link-up. 🙂

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