July 2013 Buys

Remember how I didn’t purchase much in June because I knew I was going to go a little nuts in July?  Well, it happened and I have no shame in it.

July Buys

You might remember from this post that I am planning/wanting to wear more skirts & dresses during my upcoming fourth year of teaching.  I think I’ve made some great progress on building that part of my wardrobe this month.  OK, here goes…

During lunch one day, I was surfing Facebook and I saw that Modcloth was having a 15% off sale on any items.  I quickly logged on and also discovered that this Emily and Fin dress was back in stock and was on sale.  In addition, the maxi dress I wanted was out of stock, but I snagged one of the last of these skirts and threw it in my online cart.  You might be saying, “girl, you are in PARIS.  Why did you not shop there?”  Oh, don’t worry, that also happened.

The Monoprix where we have been buying groceries is located in a mall with an H&M.  Very dangerous considering the closest H&M at home is about 4 hours away in Chicago.  I bought this skirt (worn here) and this sweater.  While I had originally wanted to buy a fun chunky sweater in Scotland, that ish was EXPENSIVE.  The dollar is fairly weak against the pound, so I decided to hold off on shopping until we got back to France, and I am so happy I did!

But, the piece de resistance is what is inside this bag…


I bought the bag of my dreams in navy.  Seriously, I have pined over this particular bag since I was an undergrad at Marquette.  But, I seriously couldn’t fathom spending $145 on a nylon bag.  But, in France, they are only 78 euros!  Even with the conversion rate, it’s a difference of ~$45.  It’s still an expensive bag, but I’m so happy that I bought it!  It’ll go nicely with the leather Longchamp I bought two years ago.  (Side note: I really need to use that purse, but I’ve been too scared to use it because it is so nice!  I’ll be taking a note from Gretchen Rubin and “spending out” – why have a bag and NOT use it?  I don’t know.)  I also bought some inexpensive jewelry at the department store where I bought the bag (below):


I went WAY over budget this month, and while I feel a bit guilty, I know that the purchases I made were based on quality.  It’s also the last time that we will be abroad in a long time, so I made sure to make the most of it.

Did you buy anything great this month?

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4 thoughts on “July 2013 Buys

  1. I think it’s awesome that you got the bag you’ve been wanting! Especially since you bought it in Paris – you’ll always look at it and remember your time there!

    haha and I’m totally with you on the H&M – anytime I am anywhere near one I just HAVE to go in!

  2. I absolutely love that necklace. I really need to pick up some more statement necklaces like that to break up some of my solids. Plus, they are a nice alternative to scarves while it’s still crazy hot out. Also, damn! Every time you do a post like this, I end up killing at least an hour on modcloth. What can I say? I love your style. Glad you found a more reasonably priced longchamp bag. I remember pining after those in undergrad as well. They really do hold up in terms of style, even in the professional world. Still can’t bring myself to cough up the cash though.

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