Link Love – Education Edition

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I know it’s still July and we’re still in the middle of summer vacation, but the countdown to the start of school is officially ON.  While I have been thinking about my classroom and my new duties/positions this next school year (middle school girls XC coach and PLC facilitator, woo!), I promise I’ve been soaking up my summer.  🙂

Anywho, on to the links.

1// Something that gives me some major hope for humanity – a 13-year-old student combats hunger in America.  What an inspiration to students and adults alike?

2// I’m sorry…what?  Ending compulsory education in Utah?  How will that fix disengaged parents?

3// On a lighter note, do you know how many pencils have walked out of my room in the last three years?  I’m guessing it’s a million.  Here’s a really fab way of trying to stop that!

4// SWAG in the classroom.  Not what you think.  I may have to do this.

5// Looks like I’ll be re-vamping my boards.  Again.

6// My mornings during the school year start early and I run around like a head-less chicken so C and I can have a morning coffee date.  This might just save me some time – 25 make-ahead breakfast ideas via Second Chance to Dream!

7// How Yoga can help kids stay in school and save tons of money via Forbes.  Love it.

What was your favorite article or post this week?


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