High Five for Friday

This week has gone by so quickly!  It’s our last week of vacation and of our trip.  I know I said I’m ready to come home, but I will miss some things about Europe.  Once we return to Iowa, then it’s all hands on deck until next June.  Woohoo!

Here’s my highlights from this week:

  • We went to the Musee d’Orsay and saw tons of paintings from my favorite impressionist painters – Renoir and Monet.  I especially love the lilly pads and the bridge paintings by Monet so seeing them in person was awesome!
  • Had a quintessentially French day by going shopping, having an apertif, apples, and brie at home before going out to dinner on Thursday.
Hmm, I wonder what's in here? :)

Hmm, I wonder what’s in here? 🙂

  • We went to the Catacombs in Paris – I know it’s creepy, but I think the bones there are really really interesting.
  • And this afternoon (the best for last (!!)), we went to Helmut Newcake for lunch.  It’s an entirely gluten-free eatery and pastry shop.  It.was.heaven.  We both had the quiche (with a crust!) and a different kind of pastry.  They were divine.  And then we bought four pastries pour emporter.  I’m not sure how long those will last.


What was your top moment from this week?  

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12 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

    • I know! I have tried to live it up as much as possible before we get back. Part of me can’t believe we’re coming home on Tuesday, but the other part of me is ready to come home. 🙂

  1. Your week sounds amazing! I went to Paris five years ago – it’s beautiful! Not sure how long you’re there for, but you have to check out Versailles if you haven’t already!! Have a great weekend!

    • We are going on Monday (the day before we leave) and I am so excited! We’ve been here for the last 7 weeks in various parts of France so the husband can do research for his PhD. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. We’re going to south France in August. I’m a little nervous, because my French is pretty rusty. Do the people look at you in disgust if you speak English?

    • It depends on the area. The husband and I know French so we tried to use it whenever possible. There’s always going to be a language barrier, but most people really want you to buy their product, eat at their restaurant, so they’ll try to be helpful. I think it’s polite to at least try to speak the native language. Where are you going in France?

  3. Hey — thanks for all your wonderful blogs and the links to where you’ve been!! Your trip to the catacombs sounds interesting!! I remember visiting the royal vaults underground in Vienna — spooky but intriguing. Hope you both enjoy the rest of your time in France!!

    • Haha, they are pretty good. We’re having a hard time saving them. So happy you found me! Your blog is also awesome!

    • We tried going to the Louvre last week but the line was terrible. If you ever come back, I would highly recommend the Musee d’Orsay, it’s fabulous! So happy you stopped by!

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